Create Your Own Slime: Homemade Fun Toys

Slime Ingredients

On many retail shelves as well as online, you’ll see plenty of do-it-yourself experiments and games for kids. Not all of them are that creative – and they’re expensive to boot.

Some parents have worried about kids using Borax to make their slime, but there’s a different method that works just as well – and it’s safe. This makes a great kit you can put together as a creative toy for your child this Christmas.

Kids love toys that allow them to experiment, and by creating their own slime concoction, your child can have days of fun. Each slime concoction that they create can be unique because they can put in different things to change up the slime’s color or consistency.

Creating it is easy to do with safe to use ingredients, too. You need two containers of glue – the size that you would use to send with a kid to school will do.

Pour the glue into a bowl. Add two drops of whatever food coloring you want the slime to be. Mix with a spatula. Then add shaving cream and mix. At this point, the slime is going to be pretty sticky.

You create the slime consistency by adding contact lens solution. You just add the drops until it’s the desired consistency and you test that by just touching it. Kids can add things to their gooey slime like glitter and small beads or crunchy things like colored grains of rice.

You can also make glow in the dark slime. Once the slime is created, to keep it usable, you do have to put it in a storage container. You can buy slime containers in a twelve pack 12 ounce storage size that work great for keeping various creations fresh.

If your child is a bit older, such as tween age, they might enjoy making videos of their slime creations and putting them on an Instagram account where they’re very popular for people to watch!

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