Fidget Spinners Top 10 Toy of 2017

Fidget Spinners

A fidget spinner sounds exactly like its name. It’s a toy that allows kids to fidget with it. Though it looks like a simple toy, it provides hours of fun and because everyone has one, your child will want one, too.

The design of the toy is basically the same regardless of the outer variations. The toy has a bearing in the center of it and then it has extensions reaching out from the center.

These extensions can vary in number. Some fidget spinners have two extensions, some three, and some as many as five. It depends on the brand that you buy, but the standard one has only three.

The toy is a ball bearing device that can be held with one hand and spun. You can get the toy started spinning on one finger, a thumb or start it spinning on a flat surface.

There are also tricks that you can learn to do with the toy. Kids love it – and parents do, too – because it doesn’t take up much space and it’s a quiet toy, too – which is something moms and dads can appreciate.

Fidget spinners are said to be both fun and helpful for conditions like ADHD, anxiety and autism. You can find this toy in different colors including gold, galaxy and glow in the dark as well as dozens of other varieties.

It’s also a nice toy for taking on the go, in the car, on a plane ride, or to an appointment where there may be a long wait time involved where your child might get antsy.


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